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10 February 2017 @ 12:34 am
Update on the Writ of Mundamus filed back in January to investigate the Russian Hacking allegations:  
 I should really be posting this over at Cyber Alfheim, and will probably xpost. But here are some new developments:

FIRST: A PDF of the Writ of Mundamus.

SECOND: The first steps to impeachment are already starting to go forward.

FOURTH: Trump's tantrum over Ivanka's clothing line being dropped by various retailers. Kellanne Conway tried to push her merch, and there were so many reports to the Government Ethics website that it crashed.

THIRD: Trump flunky and Utah Rep Jason Chaffetz actually bolted when the crowd at a town hall started chanting, "THIS IS YOUR LAST TERM!"

AAAND Trump's  bigoted immigration ban was struck down again.